Zujin We may refuse to make the refund until we have received the goods back again or until you have produced proof that you have sent back the goods, whichever is the earlier point in time. W pogoni za Harrym Winstonem Lauren Weisberger. You w pogoni za harrym winstonem have to pay for any diminished value of the goods if this diminished value results from handling the goods in a manner other than was windtonem to examine their quality, features and w pogoni za harrym winstonem. Right of cancellation You have the right to w pogoni za harrym winstonem this contract within one month without specifying reasons.

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Shelves: craptastic So far this book is like a martini topped with mini marshmallows. Update the second: I retract my earlier statement, as it is demeaning to the martini. Martinis are fabulous and should never be associated with dreck like this. It is, however, like marshmallow-dotted dog poopie, as it is cloyingly sweet, fluffy, and a real stinkeroo. I So far this book is like a martini topped with mini marshmallows. Adriana, Leigh, and Emmy are best friends in New York who are about to turn thirty.

Emmy is a serial monogamist who has just broken up with her boyfriend of 5 years. The girls decide to shake things up. The novel alternates between characters. Adriana whines about no one taking her seriously, Leigh whines about her job and her boyfriend, and Emmy whines both about wanting to have random sex and not thinking she can go through with having random sex. They are not only underdeveloped but they constantly contradict themselves.

The significance of this revelation is never explained. She is so upset that the author is married, yet when it is revealed that he only married his wife so she could get her green card, she no longer cares that he has no plans to get a divorce.

It would have been much more interesting if Weisberger had given a reason for these inconsistencies, such as the characters having an internal struggle over doing what they want to do and doing what everyone expects of them. There are also huge holes in the action.

The three girls go on vacation to Aruba, ostensibly to give Emmy the opportunity to sleep with someone, but the narrative ends just as she meets someone and jumps ahead several days, and the result of their Aruba trip is only mentioned in passing several pages later.

The lengthy description of their flight to the island is utterly pointless.


W pogoni za Harrym Winstonem – Lauren Weisberger



W pogoni za Harrym Winstonem



„w pogoni za harrym winstonem” – lauren weisberger


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