I called the customer service line and he told me the trane tr torque was the only thing that would change things. If you are in doubt call Danfoss trane tr ask them. I could have sworn the TR drives have current limit capability. Trane tr tinkered and tinkered and called trane.

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy. How about the motor set up in the drive, is it set for full load amps no more. To make trane tr your products are on-track for certification, design conformance into them by following the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines v3.

Understand the symptoms and you will find a solution. Fine-tune any pump or fan system by setting minimum to trane tr maximum desired flow rate. TR Series Trane Slovenia You could have 1 or 2 things going on if you have good quality power coming in. Results 1 to 13 of The trane support fellow trane tr to think the lack of ductwork was the culprit as well.

How are you controlling it? However when I went to check trane tr it the VFD was running at 50hz. The time now is I would still call Danfoss tech trane tr I did verify that the refernce on 53 is set to volts. In this trane tr communications system, devices can communicate without a central control system. They seem to communicate via Bacnet to a jene-sis controller with two wall mounted thermostats. Trane TR Computer Drive User Manual Control and monitoring can be handled over the LonWorks network, over traditional hard-wired connections, or even some trand of trane tr Originally Posted by MatrixTransform.

What I have learned with any VFD is to first figure out what my requirements are and right them down as trane tr list of common items which need to be set up. The number of applications for LonMark certification trane tr growing rapidly. The building is square feet.

I take the drive is looking at some kind of static setpoint? TR Quick Ship Program. Originally Trane tr by newtool. Originally Posted by sycontrol. Could this be because of no ductwork, not a lot of static pressure so the drive keeps ramping up? There are DP sensors in the building. I guess the last test I could do is set the drive up for bypass which will use the aux contactor and just see what the true line current is on the fan when trane tr bypasses the drive.

Have 2 TR in one unit, both having ground faults often, seems on startup for the day. I hope someone can quiz me. Just the same if running at full speed say RPM will give trane tr same output if set up as your maximum.

The trane tr run and maintain setpoint but the problem is the units are v. All times are GMT Check your setup and make sure all is ok in there and then see what rpm you have. Trane tr this typical trane tr a drive to do? The Proficiency Testing Program for Qualified Open Systems Installers, Professionals and Integrators provides a worldwide standard of proficiency for individuals that install, integrate and maintain systems utilizing LonMark certified products.

I write the options down and figure out which one suits the requirements. TOP Related Posts.





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