If one recites and contemplates on this Upanishad times, he attains siddhi. One who bathes Lord Ganapati with this Upanishad becomes a renowned orator fluent speaker One who fasts on Chaturti and recites this Upanishad becomes filled with knowledge becomes a Vidvan His consciousness raises to understand and experience Brahman God-consciousness. As a result, he becomes totally fearless. He who has this knowledge becomes all-knowing.

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This is your mantra form. If a white mandar tree that is more than 7 or 8 years old is uprooted, we will find that the shape of its root resembles Shri Ganapati. Generally, beginning from the Chaturthi of one fortnight to the next, approximately one thousand recitations should be completed. Then modak, parched corn and durva blades, each a hundred in number, should be offered as oblation in a sacrificial fire.

Finally, without speaking to anyone or touching anyone, the tree should be uprooted. Its form will resemble Shri Ganapati. This sanctified Idol should then be installed in the house.

The Idol should be worshipped daily with frankincense, a lit lamp and offered Naivedya along with the recitation of the Atharvashirsha.

Often such an Idol is kept covered to prevent the loss of its energy. Thus Atharvashirsha is that by recitation of which one acquires peace. In most mantras, contemplation of the Deity, that is, description of its Idol precedes its praise. However, it is the reverse in the Atharvashirsha. The three main parts of the Atharvashirsh are — 1. Recitation of the Atharvashirsha When reciting this Holy hymn, pay attention to the following suggestions.

The pronunciation should be very clear. The recitation should be low and at a steady pace. Recitation should be done by understanding the meaning and with bhav Spiritual emotion. The pronunciation should not be mechanical. Rather, it should be such that the individual reciting it gets endowed with bhav for God and Shakti Divine Energy. The recitation of the phalashruti should be done only after the last recitation.

Similarly, the shantimantra should be recited only once in the beginning, instead of at the beginning of each recitation. Twenty-one rounds of this hymn are equivalent to one abhishek.

Bathe before reciting the hymn. Instead of a wooden seat, use a folded washed cloth, deerskin, woollen blanket or a mat made of darbha as seat. Adopt a simple cross-legged sitting posture so that the posture will not be required to be changed till the entire recitation is complete. Sit facing any direction, except the south.

Sit with the posture erect. Before commencing the recitation, pay obeisance to parents and the Guru. If possible, worship Shri Ganapati and offer akshata, durva, shami Mesquite leaves and red flowers to Him.

If ritualistic worship is not possible, then we should at least meditate on Him for a minute, pay obeisance and then begin the recitation. To avoid mistakes in pronunciation, learn it from someone who is well-versed in it. Benefits of reciting the Atharvashirsha The benefits of reciting a hymn are given in the hymn itself. The hymn has the ability of creating a protective sheath around the reciter. Hence, recitation of the Atharvashirsha protects us from the distress due to negative energies. May that Ganapati danti inspire our intellect benevolently.

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Significance of Ganesh Mantra associated with Shri Ganapati

Faurg Ganapati Atharvashirsha Ganapati Upanishad — In sanskrit with meaning Sacred heart is more important than wearing symbolic sacred thread with the mind filled with all sorts of impurity. Sartha published a edition. The text exists in several versions. Publications of the De Nobili Research Library, vol.


Shree Ganesh Atharvashirsha

This is Sacred Mantra. He will have the incomparable happiness, he does not have any obstacles. He is free from five great sins If one recites this hymn in the evening he is free from the sins done during the day. One who recites this in the morning becomes free of the sin committed at night. One who reictes this night and day becomes sinless.


Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha



श्री गणेश अथर्वशीर्ष || Shri Ganesh Atharvashirsha || Ganesh Atharvashirsha


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