She gives him a letter, which upsets him when he reads it. Arfeen asks Sara where "Saba" is, and she replies that she died four days earlier. He collapses, regains his composure and asks Sara for her address so they can collect her belongings. When Arfeen tells his parents that he wants to marry Saba, they object. He says that if he cannot marry her he will not marry at all, and they relent. Arfeen, who does not want Sara to leave his house, wants Haider to marry her.

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This is one of the famous novels of Umaira Ahmad. Download this novel for free and enjoy a love story in Urdu language. The writer of this novel e. Umaira Ahmad is a popular Urdu novelist, from Sialkot, Pakistan. She has written many stories for Urdu dramas, she has also written short stories for Urdu digests. She hands him a letter, and he seems shaken after reading it. He asks her where "Saba" is, and she replies that she died four days prior. Arfeen falls to the ground in shock, but then regains his composure and asks Sara to give him her address, so that they can go there and gather her belongings.

Sara sees him as he cries and wonders why he is so sorrowful at her death. Haider is not initially pleased to have Sara staying in their house, but becomes accustomed to her after a while.

When Arfeen expresses his wish to marry Saba, his mother and father Khayam Sarhadi , are very outspoken against the marriage.

But when Arfeen states that if he cannot marry Saba then he will not marry at all, his parents finally agree. She visits the rest of her family, including her aunts and uncles, and each person she asks refuses to give her any details about what happened. Arfeen, meanwhile, is worried that Sara will eventually leave his house. The only solution he can come up with is to have Haider married to Sara. Haider initially refuses, but eventually falls in love with Sara and agrees.

Sara agrees to the marriage as well. But on the day of the wedding, Sara goes missing. This prompts Haider to ask what happened, and Arfeen launches into the story. When Saba attempts to leave, she finds that the door to the room is locked.

She and Aadil both bang on the door, but nobody comes to their aid. Saba and Aadil refuse to having done anything, but nobody believes them. Nobody believes Saba, not even her mother and sister. When Arfeen hears about the incident, he is skeptical about what really happened, and questions Saba about it.

She says she is innocent, but that she has no proof of it. Saba has faith that her aunt is too kind and worshipful to lie on the Quran. Her assupmtion turns out to be wrong, however, and her aunt does lie on the Quran, prompting Arfeen to have proof that Saba lied, and he divorces her. Arfeen gets remarried to a girl in America, but he is still in love with Saba. Nobody from her family visits her during this painful period of her second marriage.

When Saba becomes pregnant, her husband refuses to believe that the child is his, and divorces her and kicks her out of the house. But the two do not get along. One of his sisters has lost her husband, while the younger sister has been divorced and his mother is diagnosed with cancer.

When Arfeen comes to Pakistan, his mother finally tells him the truth about Saba. Arfeen divorces his wife and tries to convince Saba to marry him. However, Saba tells him that while she still loves him, she cannot trust him again. Her parents also try to persuade her to come back to them. Saba, who is not ready to trust anyone again, leaves without letting anyone know of her whereabouts.

A few years later, she starts working at a garments factory and realizes that the factory is owned by Arfeen. But she covers her face to hide her identity. She works there until the day she dies. She is angry and runs away. Haider tracks her down a couple of days later and explains the whole story. Sara agrees to forgive the family and the two start a new life. Brief Information of the Urdu Novel. Novel Name:.


Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan Pdf Novel



Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishan By Umera Ahmad






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