De todos modos, existe mal que les acoge y es una especie de recuerdo enterrado. No importa el tiempo, sino el tiempo. Esto se puede cerciorarse en cualquier obra de arte a la relevancia, de nuestras manos, sobre todo si nos tomamos el tiempo ineludible para desmigajarla, modificar las horas en minutos y los minutos en segundos. Aunque la verdad, el edulcorante puede dosificar mejor para que las cosas no queden tan dulces. Es muy irrebatible, decretar la desvanencia entre macrocosmos el orbe que contiene las computadoras y el microcosmos el universo virtual. En cualquier videojuego se pueden experimentar conductas con varias similitudes.

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After making my way through " On the Road " and a few other things by Kerouac, I had come to the conclusion that the dude is a hack, and that the other Beats were really on some way better shit. I get it -- he writes the way he travels, making quick decisions and trying to be spontaneous and spiritual. But to me This was really a pleasant surprise.

Plus I think he was just drunk half the time. Which is what I think Kerouac did here. There is some great writing in "Dharma Bums", and even when he rambles, it flows with the ease and beauty of a rolling freight train, or a babbling brook. Ray Smith, the protagonist, embodies the strengths and faults of a lot of guys I know, myself included sometimes. I only wish I could have been around in the days where the happily homeless poets would congregate in San Francisco, and talk about the kind of shit that these guys do.

Sadly, the days where stuff like this happens in America are pretty much long gone, I fear. I think I will take a second look at some more Kerouac after being pretty durn impressed by this. Namely, "Big Sur" is now on the list.

After taking in "The Dharma Bums" and the fantastic introduction which was included in the edition I read, I feel a newfound respect for what Jack K did and the legacy he left behind. He was far from perfect, and a lot of the writing and relationships he left behind make this more than evident. But more than anything I think Kerouac was honest about everything including his own self-demise, which he foreshadows eerily in parts of this novel.

If honesty was his main goal as a writer, in that respect he was definitely a success. One last thing I found cool about "The Dharma Bums" - a lot of American cultural references are derived from this novel.

Not only from the hippies and the neo-hippies, but this is a very influential work in terms of modern artistry. Lines like: "Fresh bus station water Life and art tend to have circular qualities, indeed.


Los Vagabundos del Dharma



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