Littmann ear tips for all Littmann stethoscopes. Littmann Classic II S. According to 3M, more and more fake Littmann stethoscopes which use the brand and the logo of Littmann are being offered. The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.

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Stethoscope is a high-quality product yet the price tag is highly affordable. This makes it a top stethoscope among doctors , nurses , medical students and other professionals working in the healthcare industry who need this medical equipment.

At an affordable price, it gives you exceptional acoustic sensitivity. They simply lack the quality and the durability of this brand. Through its high-quality materials, you can use it for many years without encountering significant problems.

Its quality will remain intact for several years of use. One of the mistakes of many students , nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals is that they buy the cheapest model that they can find.

Stethoscope This model is all about its chest piece and tunable diaphragm. These two essential features are what make this model an exceptional unit that can amplify body sounds. Two-sided chest piece It comes with two sides: the smaller one is used for children while the larger side is used for assessing adult patients.

With tunable diaphragm The two-sided chest piece lets you switch from bell to diaphragm, and vice versa. This feature allows you to capture both high and low-frequency sounds. That is, the bell is used to listen to a low-frequency sound. The diaphragm, on the other hand, is used to hear high-frequency sounds. Essentially, it provides you with most favorable listening experience. You can hear the body sounds clearly. Thanks for its two-sided chest piece. Easy around body contours The chest piece of this model is designed to conform to the blood pressure cuff.

This makes it easier for you to obtain blood pressure and perform other physical examinations. To ensure you get a great value for your money, it comes with a two-year warranty. The tubing of this model will get stiff after years of usage.

Do the pros outweigh the cons of using this model? Because it lets you hear either low or high-frequency sounds, this is perfect for those suffering from slight hearing loss. When you use it in a noisy environment, you can still hear body sounds, even through clothing. You can hear body sounds easier with this unit. It easily conforms to the cuff. What we like most about this product is its tunable diaphragm.

All you have to do is to alter the pressure being applied. With these benefits, we can highly recommend it to those who are looking for a high-quality stethoscope. If you wish to obtain it at lower price, you can have it on Amazon. The price there is excellent. Read more:.


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