What happens is that all of those hypocritical Pharisees from Spiritualism, Theosophism, Rosicrucianism, Aquarianism, etc. Les nouvelles voies spirituelles. Seriousness in the esoteric work Archived at the Wayback Machine. The Revolution of the Dialectic.

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Tugor Masters exists in abundance, and I am only one of many; thus, those who want to find the Masters will find them inside, within the profundities of their own inner consciousness. Likewise, any true Bodhisattva has incarnated the Christ or is in process of doing so.

Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements. Among these 3 factors, Samael Aun Weor highlights that the first one is the most important. The books The Great RebellionTreatise of Revolutionary Psychologyand The Revolution of the Dialectic provide a ground work for the vast knowledge of esoteric psychology purported to be found rooted in every genuine religion.

In his autobiographical account, The Three MountainsSamael Aun Weor stated that because he was born with an awakened consciousnesshe was analyzing the previous lives in which he awakened his consciousness before mastering how to walk. We understand people of normal sexuality to be those who have no sexual conflicts of any kind. For me the experiment was also a reminder that orgasms let out the lovely magical feelings you have built up during intercourse.

All political systems, Samael states, are a reflection of our own psychology, and he explains that in order to finally finish with oppression it is necessary to change our own psychological state through the Death of Ego, combining this with non-violent resistance and the unionization of workers.

They only present us suppositions and not facts. When a religious form has fulfilled its mission, it ewpaa to degenerate and dies, then a new messenger appears and delivers a doctrine appropriate for that culture. Occult Medicine and Practical Magic. Secrets of Mayan Science and Religion. Notes From My Travels. Samael Aun Weor They are first inserted at the basic level of existence mineralsand through millions of years, transmigrate through increasingly complex organisms until the state of intellectual animal is reached again.

To this he responded that Gurdjieff was not the author of this doctrine and that its origin is found in Egypt and Tibet. It is said that to awaken consciousness one must understand that his or her consciousness is asleep. This movement is particularly active in Colombia. He does state however that evolution within a species is possible, yet that no species can evolve from another species. Does the human being come from the ape?

Seen as immoral and pornographic, Aun Weor found himself fleeing angry mobs attempting to silence him through violent means. Demons were believed by the Egyptians, as by others, to bring about sickness, death, and all sorts of misfortunes. Related Posts


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