Dion Global Solutions Limited. Those Standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the standalone Ind AS financial statements are free from material misstatement. The Company does not have any pending litigations which would impact its financial position- refer note 35 to the standalone Ind AS financial statements; ii. Accordingly, paragraph 3 xiv of the Order is not applicable to the Company. OPINION In our opinion and to the best of our information and according to the explanations given to us, the aforesaid standalone Ind AS financial statements give the information required by the Act in the manner so required and give a true and fair view in conformity with the accounting principles generally accepted in India larsdn the Ind AS, of the financial position of the Company as at 31 Marchand reprt financial performance including other comprehensive income, its cash flows and the changes in equity for the year ended on that date.

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The financial highlights of consequent working capital requirements. While in , in to Rs. If the impact of these extraordinary items is Rs. While increments and extraordinary gains in the previous year in the order book in a given year typically do not raise revenues or profits in that year, these certainly define the Given the business environment discussed in the earlier future course of the Company.

It is the growth in, and paragraphs, sluggishness in top-line growth and lower composition of, the order book which reflect signs of a profits were to be expected. Such orders One was Andhra Pradesh.

First, there was the sudden have continued to grow. Besides, the private sector - death of chief minister Mr. Company carefully assessed the situation and focused on The slowdown in and was due to cash collections and working capital management. This the external shock of the global economic meltdown.

On the However, as has been pointed out in the past Annual basis of this classification, and in consultation with the Reports, infrastructure growth has not been in line with state government, the Company has now got back to the requirements of such a rapidly growing economy.

The proportion of The problem has been of poor implementation. While irrigation orders in Andhra Pradesh has reduced there was some improvement in the pace of execution in 9 Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai, Maharashtra, June 30, , there is much left to be desired.

Take the case To be fair, there have been some positive signals, of power and highways. Chart C shows the achievement especially since the last quarter of There was a shortfall of Transport and Highways has announced a plan to 3, MW of planned thermal power capacity creation; increase the rate of road construction from around 9 km MW of hydroelectric capacity; and MW of a day to 20 km, and to do so by launching mega projects nuclear power capacity.

There have been some developments in the power sector as well, and especially for larger capacities. What is important to note in these Chart C: Power Capacity Creation developments is the growing role of the private sector.

And, in some projects, especially in power, the private sector is playing a more direct role. However, competencies and capabilities had to be built to leverage this opportunity.

These are vision, execution, maintenance and the customer relationship. With this infusion of capital, HCC has the client or other agencies. Over the last few years, the strengthened its balance sheet and reduced financial Company has been focusing on bidding for and securing leveraging risks. Then, in , it created a separate vertical within the projects division that International Acquisition: focused exclusively on EPC projects.

It has borne fruit. It is a total services contractor, and is engaged in The EPC platform continued to grow in With a entry into the industrial sector. The the headquarters of Nestle, Google, World Economic work involves fabrication of the smelter pot shells, the Forum, Terminal T3 of Geneva airport, and several hotels pot superstructure and civil works.

The Company also and residential buildings. It is the second largest total secured a contract for civil, electrical and mechanical service contractor in the Swiss market. Until that time, Grands Projets of France. In urban infrastructure The strategic fit of this transaction is that it helps development and management, it has been a pioneer in HCC to capture the local market opportunity and India with the development of the hill city of Lavasa, the provides the Company with a presence for European largest real estate development of its kind in India.

In , it started contracting will allow HCC to undertake the delivering healthy financial returns. This is value being development and construction of world-class created through investments by HCC, whose financial residential and commercial spaces on a turnkey basis benefits are not reflected in the stand-alone financial in India.

This is one of the fastest growing segments in results of the Company. Details of developments at the country, and the Company intends to create a niche Lavasa are given in subsequent sections.

The focus is on roads and Highlights of the acquisition rationale are: hydro power, with potentially opportunistic plays in water, airports and ports. After the issue of shares, the paid-up share and other markets 11 Essentially, HCC is in a transformation phase. Some of developments on the EPC and DBFOT fronts have the building blocks it was putting in place to occupy a already been discussed, there are two other issues that wider space in the infrastructure development world have the projects division has started tackling aggressively.

The metamorphosis First, HCC is now consciously working on a strategy for from a blue chip construction contractor to a diversified equipment. Given the pace of growth, there is a fine infrastructure group is under way. While undertaking this in equipment that support efficient project delivery journey, the Company is aware of the challenges and and delivering strong returns on the existing base of possible pitfalls. Therefore, it remains disciplined and equipment by increasing its utilisation.

Consequently, cautious in its approach. These are machines that HCC will invest in. Estate - are reported in the next few sections, along with The other group comprises machines that are routine key activities that were undertaken in the Support Functions.

These will be outsourced. The Company is working on developing quality Engineering and Construction Business subcontractors and leasing partners. While some of 31st March, While broader issues such as this is inherent given the business mix, the Company is 12 laying stress on expediting claims, speeding up dispute for a 3 x MW hydro-electric power plant.

Work has resolutions and accelerating the cash cycle collections. As of 31st March, , HCC was executing 56 projects. All excavation works have been completed. The Company maintained its At present, concrete works for the tunnel, barrage and leadership in the hydro power sector by securing another underground powerhouse cavern are in progress.

HCC is also executing six projects Project worth Rs. Leh-Ladakh area. Concrete works are in progress, and.


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