Dolar General The work to be done under this section unless otherwise shown or described in the B. The contractor shall coordinate with all subcontractors on the exact location and size of the openings. Other means specidication jointing reinforcement shall be to the approval of the S. It shall be kept wet and covered with plastic sheeting to promote efficient curing.

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Each layer shall extend over the full width of the fill area and shall be compacted in accordance with the requirements of sub-section 6. For passageways, stairways and landings, the illumination shall be not less than 50 lux.

Properties Of Malaysian Timber: Chutes extending to near the base shall be employed for raking piles of large diameter. Immediately before the fresh concrete is placed against the joint, fresh rich cement mortar 1: The profile and grade to be used are as specified or as shown on the Drawings.

Further information such as grouting pressure, grouting procedure, grouting equipment and techniques employed in grouting underwater shall also be furnished for approval. Testing For Sewer Pipes Installation The Contractor shall specifidation responsible for compliance with bylaws and regulations relating to earthworks.

The Contractor shall ensure that axial loading is maintained. The sensitivity of the system shall be at least that of Method 1. One end of the cramp shall be turned up and screwed to back of the frame and the other end shall be split and fish-tailed specifkcation building in.

Metal Framing For Partition 3. At least two 2 reliable independent datum points shall be established. Notwithstanding whatever shown on the Drawings, all toilet floor slabs shall have a minimum thickness of mm. Maximum Total Chloride Table D8: Materials that are soft or unstable merely because they are too wet or too dry for effective compaction shall not to be classified as unsuitable, unless otherwise classified by the S.

The relevant charge sheets shall be attached with each treatment certificate. These documents must be submitted before acceptance and approval of construction: During concreting they shall be free from internal projections and encrusted concrete which might prevent the proper formation of the piles being cast. The spigot and socket of each pipe shall be cleaned and lubricated before the running of each joint. For each casting day for each grade of grout and mortar, three samples shall be taken from three 3 separate batches.

The Contractor shall provide and maintain safe working conditions with sufficient illumination wherever persons are required to work or pass. Joint For Sewer Pipes 6. General The work to be dpecification under this section unless otherwise shown specifictaion described in the B. Accelerating waterreducing Type 5: Traffic and speciification related safety control.

This margin shall be at least that need to satisfy the conformity criteria given in sub-section 4. Design output of the truss members, battens, connections, specificatino and wall plates, anchors, bracings, truss accessories, splicing and stiffeners where related to the analysis shall be included in the design report. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to obtain all such information for these items of work and to obtain the approval of the S.

The mix shall be free from asbestos or toxic substances. The prevention of any unauthorised issue or improper use of any explosive brought on the Works shall be the responsibility of the Contractor and only experienced and qualified personnel shall be employed to handle explosives for the purpose of the Works.

Unless otherwise shown on the Drawings or described in the B. The pipes and coupling shall have accurately machined or molded tapered ends, the internal taper of the couplings matching the external taper of the pipes. Electricity Regulations, 4. These details shall be made available prior to the commencement testing.

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