Let me tell you something: Fairies might look lovely on the outside, but inside they are ugly, real ugly. Fairies are mean and vicious. I know. Let me tell you about my fairy in a jar. The kit was a birthday present from an aunt who had no idea what I liked.

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Start your review of In the Land of the Lawn Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales Weenies series, 1 Write a review Feb 23, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: children in grades Recommended to Heather by: self Shelves: children , fantasy , humorous , read-aloud , favorite-authors , favorite-books , scary , favorites I saw this book on a shelf at school and had to grab it just because of the title.

Lawn weenies?! This is a book of short stories for children. They are creepy and rather "Twilight Zone"-like. After reading a few of them, I started to see a pattern and the humor in them. A child might feel the same way, creeped out at first, and then feel I saw this book on a shelf at school and had to grab it just because of the title. A child might feel the same way, creeped out at first, and then feel high interest in the other stories. Some of the stories have good foreshadowing and would make for a good lesson in class.

After reading the whole book, students should be able to analyze the way the stories are set up and even write their own creepy tale. One story that sticks in my mind is that of a couple of boys, doing what boys do and lurking around an abandoned creepy house. They go downstairs to the cellar only to find a wooden box. As they are looking at it, the lights go out and the box opens. A vampire. The vampire tries to bite the boys, but they get away safely.

Or do they? As one boy is walking along in his leather jacket, the jacket tries to bite him. The boy escapes just in time, and the jacket runs off into the woods. One is left wondering what will happen. Will it come back? Update: The kids loved!!! We read it with the lights off, and they begged me to keep reading and reading. One girl was creeped out and went into the hall to read by herself every day. The above story is still my favorite.

The "Lawn Weenies" story was very disappointing, as it is nothing like the cover - not one dang weenie in the story. I liked the fact that the book had many different little stories. My book had a total of 35 tiny stories, some stories were only two pages long. Most of the stories where silly and offbeat but some had a creepy and weird ending.

I liked the variety of stories my book offered. It definitely keeps the reader entertained and guessing what kind of story is coming up next. I think the Weenies series is more appropriate for older kids, maybe graders.

The stories are pretty short and simple but has some vocabulary that might be a bit harder to understand for the younger students. One way I would use this book in my future class is by getting students in small groups and discussing the moral of each story.

Even though most stories were silly or creepy they did tend to have a moral at the end. The first story I read was about a girl who was bullied and tormented by older kids. She decided to end the bulling herself by confronting her fears. This book does a great job in teaching kids that its important to stand up for themselves with confidence. One kind of activity I would do with this book is to have each student pick out a story from the book and add more to it.

Since most stories are super short, some only two pages long, it would be fun to see what kind of ideas kids come out with when adding to the story.

This would help a student with critical thinking and also allows them to brainstorm ideas for alternative endings. He puts funny, mystery, scary, and weitd in a good way stories. One of them are the land of the lawn weenies. There all really fun. Sep 21, Katie Larson rated it really liked it This book is great for students who have a hard time getting into reading.

I loved how some stories had a lesson learned at the end while others kept the reading guessing. I think this book would be great for lesson plans on writing short stories. The book says 10 and up which I would also recommend. The titles are a bit misleading as each book contains only one "Weenie" story and these tend to stray from the style found in many of the other stories.

This is likely a marketing strategy. Lubar writes short, well crafted, 3 to 5 page fantasy and suspense stories in the vein of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Short fiction has become somewhat of a rarity in the juvenile fiction market and it is great to find an author who consistently publishes intelligent, thoughtful work in the medium.

This one comes recommended.


In the Land of the Lawn Weenies and Other Misadventures by David Lubar - PDF free download eBook

However, it should also be noted that not every story is played for horror. Quite a few are more lighthearted and embrace the weirdness of their premises ex. One tale is simply about a kid talking with the personification of bad luck , trying to make you laugh, some even pull a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax The series debuted in with In the Land of the Lawn Weenies, and is currently running today with a total of nine installments. And I Must Scream : A few stories end with the child protagonist not dying, but instead being trapped in a horrible situation with no hope of escape.


David Lubar



In the Land of the Lawn Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales



In the Land of the Lawn Weenies


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