In others, he claims that the priest considered him a reincarnation of Jesus , the Buddha , Muhammad and other religious prophets. According to the biography, the high priest trained Ali in mysticism and gave him a "lost section" of the Quran. It is also known as the "Circle Seven Koran" because of its cover, which features a red "7" surrounded by a blue circle. They are instructions on how to live, and the education and duties of adherents. In these he wrote: The fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nation of North America need to learn to love instead of hate; and to know of their higher self and lower self.

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At this link you can even set up monthly withdrawals of your dues. It shows us what was i. Oscar C. Update, Jan. Nevertheless, we will put together the pieces of the puzzle the best way we can. The Melungeons descend from Moorish "convertados" brought as slave-labor to Florida by Spain and abandoned there.

Together they formed a new tribe - called the Ben Ishmael tribe. Every winter they returned to their original settlement, where a village had grown. Those who became Ishmaelites had gathered from Tennessee, the Carolinas North and South , Virginia, and Maryland, in a region still largely wilderness and at a time still turmoiled by the Native American wars and mass slave escapes of the American Revolution.

According to Ishmaelite tradition, sometime between and Patriarch Ben Ishmael and Queen Jennie "at an advanced age Initially, they settled in an area between present-day Cincinnati and Dayton but by or so they had moved into what was still "Indian territory" and settled in the deep woods along White River in the area that became Indianapolis. Sulgrove, in when the first white surveyors and officials came to the area to stake out what was to become the capitol of the new state of Indiana they discovered the Ishmaelites living there along both sides of White River.

Since they refused to budge, Indianapolis grew around their settlement. These Ishmaelite settlements became, much later, the loci of the oldest and longest-lasting black neighborhoods of the city.

This is in stark contrast to all other place-names in the area, which are of French, British, and other white provenance. Ishmaelite Tribal Structure "Reports frequently mention nobility and other notable members of the tribe of Ishmael, persons of striking character who were especially esteemed by the Ishmaelites.

However, there was clearly a social hierarchy; and the reverence for paramount families, the character ascribed to notables, and the general pride of Ishmaelites in their tribe indicate the existence of a leadership and prestige group that warrants the term nobility. All nuclear families within the Ben Ishmael tribe belonged to one of these clans, and new members joined by birth, marriage, or adoption into one of the nuclear families.

Of the family names reported to state authorities, with the exception of Ishmael Hebrew and the African and Native name, few were "unremarkable Celtic names. The Ishmaelites had their own marriage traditions, another source of conflict with the surrounding white settler culture. For wedding ceremonies, "officiants" were respected figures who stepped forward, but were not ministers in any western European sense.

Most families were monogamous, but polygamy was occasionally practiced by both men and women -- when it was, it was done openly and apparently without shame. Divorce was not common, but was not stigmatized as in the so-called white Christian culture of the time. Divorce could be obtained "by mutual consent or on the demand of either partner.

More female than male nobles or notables of the clans appear in the case studies. The queens of the tribe were not merely the consorts of the patriarchs but important personages in their own right. Her people had many oral legends about her. Music and the Ishmaelites Music was a crucial focal point for the Ben Ishmael tribe. It "has been reported as a distinctive kind of music. The tribe was well known for its large and frequent gatherings to sing. There was a In the centers the Ishmaelites, cramped into winter quarters, passed the time dancing, singing, listening to their musicians, talking flirting, eating, but not drinking alcohol, a habit they eschewed.

However, more substantial structures were built at the cardinal points of their migratory route, as well as small cabins -- "sturdy and well proportioned, with tightly crafted windows and doors" -- used by tribe members for winter quarters in Indianapolis.

That these might relate to the Ishmaelites is suggested by a similar but larger cutout of the sun, with rays attached, across the upper front of one of the still existing Ishmaelite cabins It was a "three-story house with the unusual design that may have been characteristic of the homes of Ishmaelite leaders.

The mansion [sic] was a refuge, with a dozen places for hiding and escape. In particular, Chism gave sanctuary to the poor who were sought for imprisonment in the poor houses or for sale as bound servants. The tribe sometimes built in monumental dimensions. The winter home of Tom Ishmael, son of Patriarch John and grandson of Ben Ishmael, located in the northern sector of the migration route, was a vast log cabin, three-cornered and in other unspecified ways of a most curious design.

In the majority community it was famed as the most unusually shaped structure in the state of Indiana Its great size, its posts sunk twenty feet into the muddy ground, and materials obtained entirely from Ishmaelite scavenging, excited the pride of Ishmaelites and the gruding admiration of outsiders Its superintendent, Dr. McCulloch author of one of the eugenics-oriented Ishmaelite studies , began to agitate for the enactment of eugenics laws.

In such a bill was introduced in the Indiana legislature, and in the first compulsory sterilization law in the world was enacted by the state of Indiana. These laws and the ideas embodied within them became known as "The Indiana Plan," and served as the basis for eugenics laws later passed in 29 states by and, ultimately, in Nazi Germany and six other European countries. It is precisely during this period of that the Ben Ishmael tribe vanished, fleeing Indiana and blending into the surrounding communities, perhaps as far as Detroit.

In the early s, one researcher found faint traces in oral tradition among the black communities of the Great Lakes region that spoke of the Ben Ishmael tribe. According to one account, as late as the s or early s a man "encountered persons who referred to themselves as Ishmaelites by descent and identified with the heritage of a Midwestern Tribe of Ishmael.

They were still nomadic, traveling by car between Detroit and Philadelphia. They were definitely black nationalists and also had their own dietary laws; but he was never able to determine whether they considered theirs to be a religious or political movement. They succeeded in nearly whipping out the population and drove the surviving members underground.

There the Ishmaels, sometimes called "REDS" in part due to their mixed ancestry and often-reddish hair, became founding members of the American Black Islamic movement and strong civil rights fighters. They have added much culture and variety to the American cultural landscape, and for it have received almost no recognition at all in mainstream culture.

It has been suggested by Hakim H. According to A. Waite, establishing the earliest known Rosicrucian order in the United States. Paschal Beverly Randolph was an American medical doctor, occultist and writer. He was also a teacher of Helena P. After taking his seat, the Grand Ritual was performed, he stepped down from the chair, handed the Wand to Count Guinotti, who proceeded to recall Supreme Grand Master Levi to his seat and the proper officers proceeded to Initiate Dr. Head of the Illuminati.

He founded a Masonic lodge, the Eastern Star. Moorish Science Temple of America and etc Not only were Moors well versed in it, they were the originators of these schools. Now, their descendants are scared of occult science and believe it is a European art of some kind.

We only study that of the s-current without going way way way back. It is a well known fact that the School of Salmanac hence Salam was issuing degrees for a Wizard program they had during the Medieval Era. The Toledo School of Translations is still standing and was fully functional in the 12th and 13th centuries.

As we all know, the Moors ruled Europe until so make no mistake about it, the Moors are also the mothers and fathers of occult sciences as well hidden culture of the unseen. Take back your magick and use it! Also research these schools of Magic thought. Ferris and Marcus Garvey. He enrolled at al-Azhar in He believed that education was the best way to achieve this goal. Later that year , he joined his teacher Jamal al Afghani in the United States.

When he returned to Egypt in , Abduh began his legal career. Muhammad Abduh died on 11 July Egyptian officer and Arab nationalist politician. Rabbi Ford and Rabbi Samuel Valentine split in Rabbi Ford started the Beth Bnai Abraham. Ford included elements of Islam in his practice, writing prayers to Allah and observing Ramadan. Ford and Benjamin E. Ford and E. He was removed in due to mismanagement of choirs payroll. To the left pic. Pimeienta-Bey, Ph. Blake, Jr. Thornton, and in claimed to have members in New York and 15, nationally.

He was raised as a Baptist by his mother, Tina Hurley. At the age of seven he began to preach and challenge the traditional Baptist doctrine. He was ordained at the age of James F. Jones, also known as, Prophet Jones. Hurley was moved by Father Smith and his teachings and consequently joined. After several years, he reached the level of Elder and the presiding Prince of Michigan, but became dissatisfied with the teachings of the Triumph Church.

After this he briefly joined the International Spiritual Church, but again he was not completely content. After two moves Temple 1 found a permanent home on Napoleon Street. Universal Hagar Spiritual church convention. The MSTA had a convention. Hurley flew the Red black and green flag with the American flag.


Moorish Science Temple of America

To redeem man from his sinful and fallen stage of humanity back to the highest plane of life with his father God, Allah. These events occurred before He was thirty years of age. These secret lessons are for all of those who love Jesus and desire to know about his life works and teachings. Dear readers, do not falsely use these lessons. They are for good, peace and happiness for all those that love Jesus.


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