Rowan University Students offering info and ideas for enjoying Glassboro and its surroundings Friday, April 1, Response to Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio The article Get Smarter posed a lot of ideas and ways to look at the technological advances and breakthroughs that we endure everyday. Being in the first generation that has grown up with the use of the internet it is hard for us to imagine life any other way. But we have also witnessed breakthroughs that blow our minds day by day.

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Rowan University Students offering info and ideas for enjoying Glassboro and its surroundings Monday, April 4, "Getting Smarter" by Jamais Cascio Summary: Cascio talks about how technology is not necessarily hurting us, but rather expanding our knowledge. Throughout the years of humanity, technological advances have also advanced humanity, making us have more knowledge and manual labor less important.

He talks about how our attention span is clouded and short but its only because we have more things so easily available to us and could have tabs of information open at the same time. He talks about ADD that is given to us by technology, but how certain legal drugs could keep us super focused. He does not think that the web, or even video games, hurts our minds or makes us dumb.

Technology that we create is for always for the use of something, even if that something is not information, but rather for entertainment.

Even in that case, he argues that even videogames have great detail in them and relate to things in a bigger picture. There are plenty articles on the internet on subjects that I find interesting that I would be able to read straight through without stopping or having to go over a sentence twice.

We have grown and developed as human beings, and will continue to grow and develop as we are faced with new problems that need new solutions. The internet gives us a sort of awareness that we never had before by being able to have insight from all over the world, articles and even games.

We should consider the technology that we have an advancement rather than a handicap. It is useful. Anything that I want to know I could just type into google, and with the right source, find my answer. I think that makes me know MORE then the generations before me, not less. He thinks that a lot of people have the same fear as Carr, in the sense that since he is of a generation before the intense use of the internet, it made him think differently or clouded his brain.

He argues that this is not junk, and that the extra opinions could actually improve our way of thinking. Posted by.


Jamais Cascio Quotes

Rowan University Students offering info and ideas for enjoying Glassboro and its surroundings Friday, April 1, Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio In the article Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio he starts by talking about how in the past we have become smarter by having to adapt to different situations that posed threats to our survival. Our brains change to meet different challenges that life throws at us. Technology that is present today is so detailed and advanced from what it was in the past but so out of date to what we will experience in the future. With looking at technology everything that we develop is only one break through away from being out of date. Not only has technology come a long way with the electronics, video games and details in which go into it.


Get Smarter

He contributed articles from until his departure in His range of topics covered energy, climate change, global development, open source, biotechnology, and nanotechnologies. Interpreting the result another way, Cascio estimated the annual emissions from cheeseburger production and distribution in the United States was comparable to that of all SUVs being driven on American roads at the time. The presentation followed the structure of the ten year forecasting reports used by the Institute of The Future. In , he self-published a collection of his essays under the title Hacking the Earth.

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