The suggestions below will help you fulfill guarantee obligations and enjoy this product for many years to come. Detach the transmitter connector from the strap and rinse the strap under running water after every use. Dry the connector with a soft towel. Never use alcohol or any abrasive material e. This ensures reliable measurement and maximizes the life span of the transmitter. Use a washing pouch.

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Time to check your weight is displayed. Press OK. Set current weight? Select Yes to update your weight. Fitness Test As soon as you reach your training targets, the FT60 will post an envelope reminding you to take a fitness test. The result of the test is taken into account in the weekly program update. Time to test fitness is displayed. Test fitness? Select Yes or No. If you decide to take a new test, see Test Your Fitness Level for more information. Program Update Polar FT60 continuously analyzes your progress and adjusts by increasing or decreasing weekly targets.

An envelope appears on the display to notify you when the program has been updated. Press UP to open the envelope. Program has been updated is displayed: the FT60 has analyzed your progress and adapted your program targets accordingly. Time for a recovery week is displayed: To optimize your training, you need to have an ideal balance between training and recovery.

Recovery week allows your body to improve and adapt to the stimulus that training has provided. Set your weight and press OK. Your current weight will also be updated in User information.

Weight trend The weight and the date on which it was entered. The weight trend including the lowest and highest weight. Select Yes. To improve your aerobic fitness most efficiently, you need to train large muscle groups.

Monitor your long-term test results under the OwnIndex results, containing 47 of your latest OwnIndex values and the date the tests were performed.

The latest OwnIndex result and the date of the test is displayed. The information is similar to what is displayed after each training session. Each bar represents one training session. Select a training session you wish to view. Upper row: Date and time of day when the file was created Lower row: Training time When Training files becomes full, the oldest training file is replaced by the most recent one.

If you want to save the file for a longer period, transfer it to Polar web service on www. For further information, see Transfer Data. Delete file? Remove from total?

To remove the file from totals, as well, select Yes. Each bar represents one training week. Select Yes to reset week summaries. There you can see graphs and more of your training data and get a better understanding of your training. Register in polarpersonaltrainer. Follow instructions to download and install WebSync data transfer software onto your computer.

Polar WebSync software is automatically activated and instructions for downloading the data are displayed on your computer. Follow the instructions and your training data is transferred to polarpersonaltrainer.

Place your FT60 onto FlowLink display facing down.


60 reasons why the Yaesu FT-60R is my EDC portable radio

Transmission The scanner will stop when it receives a signal strong enough to break through the Squelch threshold. The scanner will only scan channels that are flagged Preferential Scan List. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. OFF See page 42 for details.





Manual EspaƱol Yaesu Ft-60


LEY 24240 PDF

Beurer FT60 Termometr


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