One form is used for both single and plural objects, with other parts of the sentence, or sometimes simply the situational context, giving information regarding number. This h is silent and simply indicates lower register. Matter-of-fact ga and NP forming ge. Ngohdeih haih sing Chahn ge; keuihdeih dou haih sing Chahn ge.

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Government language training community for improving and updating Chinese materials to reflect current usage in Beijing and in Taipei. The conference resolved to develop materials which were flexible enough in form and content to meet the requirements of a wide range of government agencies and academic institutions.

This document is a result of this conference. The materials also introduce the teaching procedures used in this course. The Orientation Module is not typical course module in several respects.

First, it does not have a situational topic of its ovn, but rather leads into the situational topic of the following module - Biographic Information. Second, it teaches only a little Chinese grammar and vocabulary. Third, two of the associated resource modules Pronunciation and Romanization, Numbers are no These skills include those needed at the beginning of a conversation greetings, introductions, and forms of address , in the middle of a conversation understanding and answering questions about yourself and your immediate family , and at the end of a conversation leave taking.

The resource modules Pronunciation and Romanization and Numbers tapes are also Prerequisites to units 4 and 5 of this module are audios 5 and 6, Numbers resource module and audios 3 and 4, Time and Dates resource module. Comprehend th Give the English equivalent for any Chinese sentence Give the English e In addition, it is assumed that by this point you will have already completed the optional modules Personal Welfare, Restaurant, and Hotel vocabulary from these modules is now considered taught.


FSI Cantonese Basic Course

Mushura Write a customer review. Are you an American? Cantonesee and B, two new students, wait for the teacher to come to class: Ngoh mhhaih Leih Siuje. Learn Cantonese — Level 1: The design of the text — what to cover, what sequence to use in introducing new material, what limits to cantomese on vocabulary—, the write-ups of structure notes, types cantoese layouts of pattern drills, and the contents of the English-to-Chinese translation sections, were done by the American linguist. Students will find that going over the drills in a session with the tape reoorder before performing them in class with the teacher aids their grasp of the material and smooths their delivery. Yihga yatchaih ganjyuh Now all together repeat after me. FSI Cantonese Vol.




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