Eso por s solo no condena su literatura al gnero negro. Que sus personajes favoritos son detectives? En realidad todo gran personaje de ficcin lo es de un modo u otro, no? Marcel es un detective de apariencias, Hans Castorp es un detective de conciencias, el Gatopardo es un detective de conflictos sociales, Charles Kinbote un detective de textos e imposturas y Nathan Zuckerman un detective de identidades.

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Im not alone in my praise in his glowing New York Times book review, Mario Vargas Llosa judged the authors work a stunning accomplishment, a combination of amusing detective novel and an elegant literary experiment of the topmost aesthetic and intellectual order. A fictional fiesta. Certainly one of the high arts of High Art is the art of breathtaking storytelling. To attempt a synopsis would be ridiculous as there are too many colorful stylistic spirals and as many unexpected curves and curls as there are feathers on a Hyacinth Macaw or Toco Toucan.

We can judge such a name as a parody of pulp detective fiction. Mandrake the irresistible playboy: Actually, Mandrake has to deal with another major distraction: beautiful women. His leading girlfriend at the moment is tall, thin, ravishing Ada with her long legs and neck slightly curved forward. Ada would like nothing more than to wed Mandrake and start a family. Good luck, dear lady! Although you are in the lead, there are at least two or three or four I lost count! Mandrake, the eccentric: How eccentrically oddball?

One morning our Sherlock Holmes wannabe accompanies two real detectives at the apartment of a rich socialite. And while the head detective is busy gathering evidence, Mandrake scrutinizes the magazine covers on the coffee table: Amiga, Status, Donald Duck and then pleads with the other detective to let him feed the exotic tropical fish in the aquarium lest they go belly up.

Camilo especially hates Brazilians since they have always looked down on him as a Bolivian and as an Indian, as someone who is poor and badly dressed, but most of all, he despises Brazilians because, in his eyes, they are all disgusting dogs.

Hermes: Specialist in Persev, a code word for a set of tactics and skills of knife handling and knife combat.

In the aftermath of being stabbed himself, Mandrake seeks out Hermes, a former client who owes him one since the Rio lawyer got the knife expert off a murder charge. Mandrake takes his combat lessons to heart and from this point forward wears a leather shoulder strap for his new Randall. Rubem Fonseca delves into the details on what it means to make a knife an extension of your very arm.

A friend of mine raises birds. I once saw him stick his hand in a cage and grasp a bird to transfer him to another cage. This was the way Hermes held the Randall, as it were alive, capable of escaping from his hand. When I was born my mother took one look at my hands and fainted. I had webbing between my fingers. Rafael: Knife fighter and professional killer, a students of the Professor Hermes whose hobby is the cultivation of roses.

During one memorable party at his apartment, Mitry brings out a silver tray containing several small mirrors with fine lines of white powder along with a crystal vial filled with pills of every color. In attendance are two young glamorous prostitutes, Titi and Tata, well dressed, well tanned and absolutely scrumptious.

Radio programs, television shows, videocassettes, glossy magazines, sensationalist newspapers - as we turn the pages, no mistaking the fact we are in hopped-up, with-it, trendy Rio. High Culture: Not only a plethora of general historical and literary allusions but more specifically, Ajax, Zeus, Achilles are among the copious references to all things Greek: Greek mythology, Greek history, even Greek philosophy.

High Art: As in deft, nimble style, as in a story jam-packed with such flamboyant characters and absorbing scenes, the book will almost hop out of your hands to dance the samba. Brazilian author Rubem Fonsica, born and still going strong at age Photo of the novelist around the time of publication of High Art in Tell it like it is, Rubem! Here is our author today, declaring to reporters how everyone has their own ambitions, dreams and life experiences, only that these have to be strong enough so that the person feels compelled to tell a story.


'El gran arte': la obra maestra de Rubem Fonseca | Edorta Jimenez






Rubem Fonseca


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