And that is, for better or worse, a sword that cuts both ways. Easily Amused hits its stride in the first paragraph. Tight-knit, clever; it had me laughing within two pages. That was, however, the high point.

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Start your review of Easily Amused Write a review Shelves: quick-reads , unlikable-characters , had-to-fight-through-it I very nearly gave up on this. I found most of the characters unlikable- except the one we are suppose to dislike. The plot was beyond predictable and not well developed. He apparently is completely distraught over his ex-girlfriend who he had been living with for years and then very suddenly with no warning wants to marry Lola I get that they go way back but I very nearly gave up on this.

I get that they go way back but the story leads us to believe they have barely been in contact for a year. And again he wanted to go back to the girl he was mad in love with like a week ago? From trying to reschedule her dates to actually sending a neighbor out the the restaurant she took her date because he got fall down drunk and needed to be taken care of- oh and she realizes that is sooooo nice of the neighbor to come and get her.

NO no no it is weird and intrusive. That entire chapter made me almost give up entirely. The only character who is kind of likable is Ryan the new love interest.

Except ooooh wait several men in her life who have brief to no interaction with the man get a bad vibe. As a reader we are shown an attractive, charming, ect ect man.

And then out of nowhere the author decides time to turn on the gross and makes him an impossible creeper. Just Uggggh with this. Basically, I liked the main character, but Lola was the only thing I liked. My biggest problem was the friend, Hubert.

He was a mess after a bad breakup and he seemed to be a bit of a freeloader and kind of creepy in a Easily Amused had a lot of potential. He was a mess after a bad breakup and he seemed to be a bit of a freeloader and kind of creepy in a stalker way. Yet everyone loved him for some reason. To me he was annoying and he seemed kind of gay.

I think I would have liked it if he was gay less chance of a romantic angle with him. So the 1st part of the book dealt with him and how he was so distraught with his ex. It made no sense. But in a way, it was. Then Ryan got screen time. And I kind of liked him. He seemed all right, but then things with him got real shady and made no sense. What sucks is that not all the plot points were concluded, whether it be the dairies, Ryan, Mindy, Chad.

Then I realized, the book was over and things just wrapped up. I expected some final climatic scene, but what I got was a lot of telling in a page or two. Things were glossed over and it was over. I thought this book started out good enough and had a lot of potential, but then it just faltered much like this review.


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