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In a campaign world where a smirking halfling thief with a Girdle of Storm Giant Strength can traditionally pick up a very surprised mule and throw it one-handed at an enemy, magic items become key to really fun adventures. An Abundance of Riches. Lots, and lots, and lots of items. This is the book for you.

Not only are there pages of magic items, from armor to wondrous items and everything in between, but the book discusses both mundane items and unique items as well. Mundane items are equipment such as new kinds of masterwork armor; new weapons, mounts, and vehicles; and new items crafted using the expanded alchemical rules.

You might argue that "Anathema armor" leather armor made from snakeskin and woven with strands of shadow by yuan-ti is not particularly mundane, but in this case "mundane" means "not specifically enchanted with magical abilities. The vehicle section also contains an abundance of rules for vehicular combat, and includes everything from a light chariot to a gargantuan greatship.

The alchemy section discusses items from levels 1 to Personality Matters. Want a magical shield that darkens as if bruised when hit in battle? Memorable Magic. Knives that cut open magical doorways to extradimensional spaces. A harness that gives your torchbearer a huge strength bonus when hauling supplies for you.

A sash that wraps around your foes on its own, entangling them while you pummel them into uconsciousness. A ring that rebirths you as a phoenix every day, blasting your foes with fire in the process.

A cloak that lets you flee combat at high speed. Boots that let you walk through air. A shield that becomes a stone wall.

And of course, varieities of magical weapons and armor aplenty. In a game system that is occasionally criticized for making magical items less unique and memorable, these items are a great example of how to handle design correctly; every item has an evocative name, a brief description, a strong theme, and a balanced power level. As Advertised. Need a ton of well-crafted and intriguing magic items? About the Creators. Logan Bonner is a former editor for Wizards of the Coast.

Eytan Bernstein is a freelance writer and designer from Long Island, New York, who works as a development editor by day. Chris Sims is a veteran of Wizards of the Coast and a number of smaller d20 companies. While Kolja has been known to perform on occasion, this happens more by accident rather than design. Owen K. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin.

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Through the keyhole spills a wondrous golden light. What magical treasures will find inside? This book also introduces item sets, thematically linked collections of equipment that grant additional powers when the gear is worn by a single character or multiple party members. It was published in August Continuing the Vaults. Most notably, it now featured sidebars that provided histories and other backstory for some of the items.




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