All creca la nia en entendimiento, virtud y santidad. A la edad de cinco o seis aos tuvo la primera visin, que la inclin definitivamente a la vida virtuosa. Cruzaba una calle con su hermano Esteban, cuando vio al Seor rodeado de ngeles, que le sonrea, impartindole la bendicin. Su padre, tintorero de pieles, pens casarla con un hombre rico. La joven manifest que se haba prometido a Dios.

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Kesar Must keep large items close by and not in the middle of the aisle to avoid the risk of injury. The differentiation strategies used in this course are based on the evidence data received through multiple forms of pre, ongoing, and formative assessments. A second offense will result in the phone being taken to the office.

Some pre-reading work with novel before the break. Think critically and analytically Assessments used to assess this Essential Skill: Write clearly and accurately Assessments used to assess this Essential Skill: All four language skills — comprehension, speaking, reading and writing — continue to be stressed.

This year of Spanish exposes students to grammatical building blocks of the language imperfect subjunctive and extended idiomatic expressionsand aims to encourage oral fluency in both academic and non-academic communication. Assessments used to assess this Essential Skill: Homework must be completed before coming to class. Student must speak in Spanish only. If you have any questions regarding this issueluvia refer to the student handbook on the section cheating and its consequences.

The immersion course requires students to have an understanding of the Spanish language. Cinco Panes De Cebada Knowledge of vocabulary, and patterns or grammar are expanded and refined.

Global Literacy Assessments used to assess this Essential Skill: Students will master and use new vocabulary to: Family and extended family. All work must be completed on time and when due. Stereotyping and social expectative.

Some of these are: This reading will include a pre and post-reading activities. Be in class every day that we meet, be respectful and courteous cebadq instructor and classmates.

Cultural knowledge increases and reading of contemporary and classic literary works begins. Students should be able to carry on and sustain an academic conversation and discussion regarding various topics.

Skateboards must be kept in the students locker. Listen actively and speak clearly Assessments used to assess this Essential Skill: Students must be ready to participate in Franklin HS safety procedures.

Read and comprehend a variety of text Assessments used to assess this Essential Skill: Casi una mujer, Esmeralda Santiago The study of Casi una mujer will include pre and post-reading activities e.

Novel for the second quarter: In addition, students will have the opportunity to practice extensible pans writing kinds of text: Encuentros Maravillosos 2nd ed.

Teacher will determine the time line for the study of this novel in the first quarter. Absolutely no electronics devises, no food or drink in class, only battled water is allowed. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated in this class. Readings may include short stories, novels, poetry and plays, as well as journalistic writing. This baquddano of this novel is aligned with chapter 9.

About Huella del Aprendizaje The result for this offense id zero. The theme of this novel is aligned with chapter 5. Guest speakers Project-based Learning. Phones will not be tolerated, it will be confiscated otherwise followed by a call home.

You should be able to write in Spanish without having to translate from English rough draft. Assessments used to assess this Essential Skill:. TOP 10 Related.



Ella fue favorecida por Dios con gracias extraordinarias desde una corta edad, y tena un gran amor hacia la oracin y hacia las cosas de Dios. A los siete aos, consagr su virginidad a Dios a travs de un voto privado. A los doce aos, la madre y la hermana de Santa Catalina intentaron persuadirla para llegar al matrimonio, y as comenzaron a alentarla a prestar ms atencin a su apariencia. Para complacerlos, ella se vesta de gala y se engalanaba con joyas que se estilaban en esa poca.


Santa Catalina de Siena

Sus padres hacan todo lo posible por impedir que ella tuviera tiempo de oracin y soledad. La pusieron a trabajar a toda hora, tratndola muy mal, como sirvienta de la familia. Catalina humildemente acept este rechazo de su familia, y actuaba como si estuviese en la casa de Nazaret, tomando como nica madre a la Virgen Santsima. Sus hermanas y amistades la persuadieron a que participara en diversiones y vanidades. Pero pronto se arrepinti y le doli aquello por el resto de su vida. Lo consider como la mayor infidelidad a su esposo del cielo de la cual ella fue culpable.

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