Start your review of Different Dances Write a review Shelves: poetry , humor , arts , childrens-young-readers , 20th-century Different dances, HarperCollins, , Shel Silverstein Silverstein believed that written works needed to be read on paperthe correct paper for the particular work. He usually would not allow his poems and stories to be published unless he could choose the type, size, shape, color, and quality of the paper. Being a book collector, he took seriously the feel of the paper, the look of the book, the fonts, and the binding. Most of his books did not have paperback editions because he did not want Different dances, HarperCollins, , Shel Silverstein Silverstein believed that written works needed to be read on paper—the correct paper for the particular work. Most of his books did not have paperback editions because he did not want his work to be diminished in any way. All of them will be dipshits.

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Pictures are worth a thousand words January 1, Ashley Smith I love Shel Silverstein because he is a good author and he makes some funny poems January 1, John I enjoyed some of these a lot more than others. Some were really good! Quick read. When my mother found this out as well, the book was taken from me. In her defense, she never was or is a Puritan; however, when you are the parent of an already-precocious child, My public library shelved the "adult" cartoons Bloom County, Doonesbury alongside tripe like "Garfield.

Then again, it was probably too late already. From what little I read of "Different Dances," it was hilarious. This is a fun minute read, though at this point, s, man-spears-woman- with-twenty-foot-penis-who-then-strangles-him-with-it cartoons are probably a lot funnier to bright toyear olds than to adults. January 1, Anne Devastating.

His line drawings are as sparse as ever, but they gain a new economy given the amount of nuance they convey as they illustrate sophisticated feelings. Some of his cartoons will Devastating. Some of his cartoons will make you frown, even weep, and some are so joyful I wonder how he could hold his pen down hard enough to draw them. Thank God for the 25th Anniversary Edition!

January 1, Jonathan Dearborn Shel at his height. All of his best work for Adults. In my mind intellectual kids as well. This is a book to be proud of, and to be proud of owning. I most cetainly am.

I read it often. My 1st copy I purchased from a Hippie on Haight Ashbury for 50 cents.. I was a handsome devil then. Still remember her smile. A must have for any adult or adult level Youth. Honestly by todays standars it is very light fare. Well done, well drawn, well made book.

Grabbed a Mint copy before San Fran lost its best bo Shel at his height. Grabbed a Mint copy before San Fran lost its best book stores to the "information super highway". January 1, Kathryn I heard about this book about a decade ago and tried to buy a copy but found that it was out of print and all the copies that were still around were grossely over-priced.

I believe this is one of his best works and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed his less adult themed material. January 1, Elaine Meszaros I idly picked up this Shel Silverstein collection while wandering through a used bookstore the other day and gave it a flip.

Oh my. This is NOT your usual Silverstein wacky, quirky drawings. Actually, they are. They just have a lot more nudity and swear words. With his usual impish wit Silverstein lampoons sex, politics and sexual politics. Great fun - just keep it away from the kiddies. January 1, Jennifer Loved reading Shel Silverstein as a kid.

This is definitely an adult book. I did not think it was very good at all. Packed with a bunch of provocative and raunchy drawings. I laughed at maybe two of the bits.

Worries me that kids and parents may check this one out without really looking inside. So for the simple fact that they decided to re-release this and once again make it available to the public, I am very grateful. January 1, Amber the Human Very good. Pretty darn lewd, but then again, I knew what I was getting myself into. This commentary really is as relevant today as it was when it was written. Sometimes the cartoons make me sad, but they are generally pretty funny and insightful.

Some of them come off as misogamist, but others are the exact opposite. January 1, Heather This is an art book, or even a comic book: It is almost entirely drawings, very few words - and it is for adults only.

Sex and the human condition in all its ridiculousness. With every drawing you see, you get it: Yes. January 1, Rebecca This book is not for anyone who is uncomfortable with nudity, bodily functions, and adult themes. January 1, Anna Hirsch The Silverstein you never knew but always wanted to. I gave this book to a close friend for her wedding.

I imagine that this collection of cartoons resonates particularly well with the adventure of building a family. It would be a great coffee table book for use as a conversation starter.


Different Dances By Shel Silverstein



Different Dances 25th Anniversary Edition



Different Dances


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