It was named by founder Som Sikdar, an avid sailor , after Beaufort Force 10 Storm, Whole gale on the Beaufort scale for wind speeds, indicating a storm with high speed winds, and matched their focus on 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing products. On July 20, Dell announced it intended to fully acquire Force10 for an undisclosed amount. With the acquisition, Dell offered products for the data center [1] [3] [4] where Dell focuses on the Ethernet switches. Dell Force10 continued to offer their non-Ethernet backhaul and metro-access platforms as well. Petersburg, FL. Force10 Networks hoped to expand from LAN switching to midsize data centers and enterprise campus networks.

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Page 2 The content is provided as is, without express or implied warranties of any kind. All rights reserved. Dell and its affiliates cannot be responsible for errors or omissions in typography or photography. Intel and Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U. Example Network Topology MXL External Interfaces Page 5: Introduction This document is an easy-to-use guide of recommended basic deployment practices for the Dell Force10 MXL in the access layer of a Cisco Nexus network environment.

As such, many details, configuration options, and specific features of the MXL are left out of this document. Page 9: Figure 4. Page Table 1. Table 1 details the external interface numbering in various modular configurations of the MXL switch.

Out-of-band console connectivity is available via serial on a physical USB type-A port on the face of the switch when used with the provided cable that is shipped with each MXL see the previous section— The examples that are shown here start in privileged execution mode.

The root user with password calvin is automatically configured on the MXL during its first boot to enable rapid remote management during deployment. Page 14 VLAN. This allows network administrators to configure each VLAN with optimal root placement and active paths across a network topology. Physical connectivity is enabled by an optical split fiber cable or a split twinax cable.

When a 40GbE port is run in quad mode, it provides four 10Gb Ethernet interfaces that number sequentially starting with the port number of the 40GbE interface. Page Link Aggregation Group Configuration Deploying the Dell Force10 MXL into a Cisco Nexus Network Environment Link Aggregation Group Configuration As network switches interconnect more servers and other end nodes, a single active link between devices—especially between switches—often does not provide enough throughput or enough link resiliency for the applications running on the network.

Here are the commands required to enable it.


C7004/C150 Aggregation Core chassis Switch



Dell Force10 C150 Manual


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