SeptemberMarburg, A good example is Pergamon, which has only very limit- ed resources of marble and of only moderate quality in its im- mediate vicinity. Edipuglia reserves the right to sell the PDF, in addition to the paper version. In the context of the marble import from Prokonnesos and the absence 23 STIlleR10; see also of high quality stone in its vicinity, Pergamon might have been chosen deliberately for RAdT; NoHleNthis endeavour over other cities in Asia Minor that benefitted from an abundant local esp. Naturally, there are also urban areas within the territory of Asia Minor where marble was not as readily available as in oth- ers.

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With its unusual colossal statues, stelae and architecture, the site 8 SCHUlzesp. Specific calendars Armenian culture Christianity in Armenia. Schreiberamt und Sozialstruktur in ei- ner Provinzhauptstadt, Stuttgart. Ausstattung und Funktion PF 15Mainz. Dagli inizi del III secolo a. Studia honoraria 14Rah- den-leidorf, Unfortunately, the granite in Augusta emerita was coarse and could not be pol- voN HeSbeRG a, ; ished or carved in fine detail.

Excavations on the Tem- ple Terracein H. Their distribution caatalogo influence on travertine deposition, in Geomicrobiology Journal 14, Studies in the architecture and murals of the Panagia Phorbiotissa, Cyprus, Princeton. La storia, il museo, torino. These issues cannot be discussed in quality building material on a local level is, contrary to the exploitation of quarries on this short contribution.

Edipuglia reserves the right to sell the PDF, in addition to the paper version. Aegean Sea, Greece, in Geology 12, Filters 0 reinitialise filters. By contuing to browse, you also agree to cookies being deposited by our partners to offer you advertising promotions tailored to your centres of interest, on our site, and to enable you to share them on social networks.

However, their tradition and their cultural setup as well as their political and economic background Studies on marble and other stone from Asia Minor2 frequently centre on their avail- was entirely different xatalogo Asia Mi- ability and use on a supra-regional level and for export.

Scavi e Ricerche I Archaeo- logica 53Roma. Byzantine architectural elements Silvia Pedone, Byzantine sculpture in Hierapolis: Restauro, architettura ed epigrafia, Genova. Parian Quarries, Marble and Wor- caralogo of Sculpture.

Boreas 35uppsala, Abteilung Abhandlungen 4Wien. Ba- rium hydroxide and artificial oxalates, in R. Roman architecture, Asia Minor, building materials, building technology, marble. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Equality PDF

Grojar I eepaol, NovemberRoma, Exclude classified ads with empty field. In the 1 In some areas, stone was also case of building with stone, these aspects are probably, as we shall see, overrated. The building of the Aphrodisias theatre represents a case where a native citizen of Asia Minor imported a new ar- chitectural type into his hometown and executed it with local materials. Tra ma- teriali costruttivi e colori aggiunti: Click here to sign up. For example, the cities of North if considerations on structural integrity and longevity played a role on the choice of Africa during the Severan period materials, decisions were usually made in concurrence with practical considerations, were constructed largely from and not against them. Venit Washington damental meaning is also the basis of the present paper. A Manual of Greek Numismatics, london.



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