Excerpt Book Summary Body Shop founder, Roddick, shares her vision of how businesses can successfully evolve in the new millennium without losing sight of the big picture, and offers a fresh plan for dealing with the demands of ethical business. If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. Anita Roddick Anita Roddick has put her money not only where her mouth is, but where her heart is! By refusing to sell or buy products that exploit the world and its inhabitants, Roddick, the founder of the internationally respected and successful corporation, The Body Shop, has set a higher standard for business around the world to achieve.

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Oct 01, Denise McKeever rated it it was amazing Brilliant book on business, ethics, entrepreneurship and everything often missing from enterprise and business today! Jun 30, Taiki Namiki rated it it was amazing An entrepreneur, Anita Roddick tells us about her spirit in this book. She has been chalenging a lot of typical social images. According to her, real unique ideas are not accepted by anyone at the first time.

Everyone opposes to it and tries to find a faults of that idea. However, as it goes on, some people start to follow or support it. She was born in a family that was running a restaurant.

Therefore, from An entrepreneur, Anita Roddick tells us about her spirit in this book. Therefore, from the early stage of her life, she had a chance to work for the restaurant and she could get a sense of business.

As a woman, she tells us about challenges for stereotype of woman. Nowadays, the working style of woman is one of the biggest controvercial topic in every contry. Through her strategy to treat woman well, we can learn true creative idea. For example, she settled a baby caring center in her company. In general, it contradicts cost-effect theory. However, because she thinks that ethics is ome of the most important stuff in running business, she doesnt be stingy for it and actually, she is succeeding.

This book tells us that not only people who are greedy for money can be successful in the business world. Not satisfied with mere social responsibility, The Body Shop actually stepped it up a notch by getting politically engaged--and encouraging its customers to, as well--often to harsh criticism and even threats. Roddick was uncompromising in her commitment, and the company culture she At a time when many companies are trying to be more socially responsible, my thoughts have been turning to Anita Roddick sadly, no longer with us , who founded the first company of scale to really walk the walk.

Roddick was uncompromising in her commitment, and the company culture she created was truly unique. Reading this book was a bit like riding on a wooden rollercoaster. She could have benefited from a good editor. Specific business examples are punctuated by plenty of soapbox moments, and her preachiness can get a bit distracting and awfully redundant at times.

The book took me a while to get into, because the first section is more like a lecture on why ethical business practices are important. However, I am already a convert, so the lecture was unnecessary. The meat of the book was incredibly interesting. Anita tells the story of how The Body Shop came to be, the growth, the change, the mistakes they made, and the success.

It just reaffirms that I will be a Body Shop customer for life. It also makes me want What an inspiring woman was Anita Roddick. It also makes me want to be more of an activist in those things that inspire anger, outrage, sympathy, and passion in me. The end of the book felt aimed at people wanting to start their own business, which does not interest me at all.

Inspiring, heartbreaking because she is gone, and filled with good lessons for any business person. Definitely a must read. To find out more, click here. Business as Unusual is part autobiography, part business biogrpahy and part manifesto for how business can be an agent for positive change in the world. The book is presented in a highly visual style and is story-driven, with countless interesting anecdotes.

Linked to this is the power of public pressure, with waves of public consciousness steadily forcing coporations to re-evaluate their actions. I truly hope more and more businesses follow her example and become more socially and environmentally responsible. In fact, some are already moving in Wow, Anita Roddick definitly took business to a whole new social and political level. In fact, some are already moving in that direction, or have been for a while. Profits with Principles!!!

She was a host for a small fund raiser for the nonprofit I ran and I was immediately blown away by her. We sat in a corner and talked for what seemed like hours, but was not nearly long enough. She inspired me to always try to do more. She had the courage to stand up for her convictions. She has been a hero of mine for a very long time, but to meet her changed everything. Yes, she made mistakes - and this book talks about those. Among so many other things she worked tirelessly to raise awareness for the Angola 3.

If you do not know of their case, google it. This was not a popular cause but something she knew was important. I highly recommend this book.


Anita Roddick

She wanted to provide quality skin care products in refillable containers and sample sizes, all marketed with truth rather than hype. It had a great smell, it had a funky name. It was positioned between two funeral parlours—that always caused controversy. It was incredibly sensuous.


Business as Unusual by Anita Roddick



Business As Unusual


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