Learn more Get the help you need faster. And rest assured we have specialists who can provide advice and support whenever you need it. Support every step of the way. Learn more See a GP usually within two hours from the comfort of your own home. Imagine if seeing a GP was as easy as checking your bank balance. Or buying a coffee.

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So, if you pick up on a worrying change in their mood or behaviour, trust your instinct and talk to us. Family Mental HealthLine - Helping Parents Our Mental health nurses offer advice, guidance and support to parents who are worried about the emotional wellbeing of a child. Find out more about how our service can help our members everyday.

Helping your child with anger outbursts It can be very distressing if your child is showing signs of anger. While anger is a normal and useful human emotion, there are times when it might be a problem. Read more Self-harm in children and young adults Self-harm also known as self-injury is when someone hurts themselves on purpose.

Your child may: - cut or burn their skin - pull their hair - hit themselves - strangle or bite themselves Helping your child handle stress Thousands of young people across the UK received their A-level and GCSE results in the summer. It seems that we have access to almost anything at our fingertips, and accessible through a range of different devices.

Read more Download and listen to some of our mental health podcasts The Parent Chat podcast aims to highlight the importance of parents talking about their worries and supporting each other for their own personal wellbeing.

To listen, click the name of the podcast below.


Bupa HealthLine

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser. This is an enhancement of the current nurse only helpline, which is available to all Bupa individual members as part of their health insurance. In response to demand from members, Bupa Anytime HealthLine is accessible at any time of day, days of the year offering medical advice and health information. With no time constraints, the customer can have a relaxed and full conversation with a medical professional. The caller will speak directly to a nurse, and if further advice is required, a GP will aim to call the member back within the hour.


Health insurance

Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, days a year. With no time restrictions placed on calls, you can have a relaxed and full telephone consultation with a member of our team. Speak directly to a qualified nurse for guidance and reassurance. Seek advice about health concerns about yourself, partner and children Your cover may also include a GP call back within the hour for further advice. The nurse will explain how this works.


1 April premium increases delayed for 6 months for all Bupa customers


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