James Bond has discovered danger. James uncovers a shadowy society operating in a hidden corner of the school. And far from England, in the bandit-infested interior of Sardinia, a sinister Italian count has built himself a mountain fortress. Is there a connection? Young James Bond is about to find out — and face a lethal group of villains beneath the burning Mediterranean sun. Takes the reader by the throat.

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Fenriktilar If anyone thought that a Young Bond book would lack the action, adventure, bloodshed and body count of a Fleming thriller, think again. I was interested in that kind of upperclass-gay-expats group that ended up in Tangiers a lot of them in North Africa and certainly around the Mediterranean. Jul 16, Claire Russell rated it really liked blooodfever.

Ian Fleming moved in those circles and knew a lot of people like that. Summer vacation is on the horizon and James is looking forward to the school trip to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia, and the opportunity to spend some time with his reclusive cousin Victor.

Blood Fever A few weeks later James goes on a school trip to Sardinia where he has a near death experience, he also things he recognizes one of the teachers on the trip as one of the men that were speaking Latin at the building at his school. James and his fellow society members have to make a mad dash back to their dorms before they are caught.

Not even your headmasters. After that night he tries to find that building again but struggles to find it. STJ is totally into this series and said this one was better than the first When Amy fails to get revenge by throwing a knife at Zoltan vharlie hitting him in the shoulder, she is taken prisoner, but swears she will one day succeed in achieving vengeance.

As soon as they get to sardinia, thats were you really want to know whats actually happening. I guess so in spite of the fact that i have not actually read the original Iam Flemming books but in my defence i have watched the movies and every single one of them from sean connery to now Daniel craig The book and the plot is good and also reminded me how my brain is developed only to the level where i find books meant for 13 year olds to be perfectly in sync with my pace and understanding.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As time passes he becomes even more suspicious, thus initiating a thrilling story filled with adventure.

But the biggest mystery is revealed around the end of the book whwn James finds out something that he least expected. I had trouble with finding this book, I was on the hjgson of giving up.

Then use for a Big Write, asking children to imagine themselves as trainee spies and to bloodfevfr of an adventure they could have. But all is not as it appears. Encouraging them to think about how they would confront dilemmas they encountered in dangerous situations. Here, in a nice twist, Higson has brought Bond back to his artistic roots. He was rich, famous and critically acclaimed. Refresh and try again.

So many aspects of early 21st-century life are reminiscent of that age rampant capitalism; technological frenzy; global instability that it seems both normal and plausible to watch young Bond strutting the stage again. They are obviously a gay couple, and why not?



Arashijar The book is actually second in series where they take you into the life of James Bond when he was just a boy studying in Eton, one of the Prestigious all Boys school. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Read through the book to find out how this book twists and turns your brain. As time passes he becomes blodfever more suspicious, thus initiating a thrilling story filled with adventure. Furthermore, they are very emotionally-charged; I got caught up in the events of both Books 1 and 2 in key scenes in ways bpoodfever many former Bond books never got me.


Blood Fever

The story is very moving and the ending is fantastic. In some parts of the story it become gruesome with some blood but there are fantastic chapters about James getting in sticky situations. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books with a lot of action and a good plot to them to. Jul 16, Claire Russell rated it really liked it James Bond is a pupil at Eton and finds life a little pedestrian with the exception of the Danger Society he is a member of. When the Society is almost discovered after a meeting, James escapes over the rooftops of Eton.

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