An energetic, clear, intelligent woman with a long braid of blond-white hair stands at the podium. She engages you with a happy smile, makes a joke about the present political situation, then slugs down a gulp of water as she strides toward the tall poster [see Figure 12 from The Pleiadian Agenda] showing a bold vertical-axis line curving through the nine dimensions and beyond. Barbara Hand Clow has taken her masterful work, The Pleiadian Agenda, and its teachings on Goddess Alchemy, and woven them into a workshop intended for all levels of students. The objective is for students to learn about—and experience—the nine dimensions of consciousness that the Pleiadians revealed to her in

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We humans do not have the mental apparatus to understand and fully appreciate the Universe, although we can feel it. This is a priceless download and we believe that each of you can benefit greatly from knowing this information. Empower Yourself! This is the source energy to anchor into the physical body — the beginning point of all manifestation — where materialization happens as the result of the planetary spin. Master manifesting and grounding. Chemicals, crystals, minerals, bacteria, etc.

The 2D represents our physical body chemically. Mastering your physical health is the focus here. Master interconnectedness. Master balancing your male and female energies in perfect harmony. Mastering any technique that aligns our physical bodies with our ideal form, such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, or karate, is the way to be in 6D while solid in 3D.

Also the Andara crystals from Mt. Shasta area are said to be from the Andromedia Galaxy and these are extremely powerful tools for ascension. Their intelligence is beyond our planet. Mastering communication with all sentient beings. Our crystal healing practitioner Antea Rood can help you connect, clear, and activate these energies in session.

Orion is the Keeper. This is the realm we need to experience Divine Light as a 3D human. Master raising your vibrational frequency to the Divine. Amethyst is the number one crystal to assist you. Master transcending time, present, past and future. Use Bismuth to assist you. You are welcome to share it in its entirety through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.


Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

Wednesday, October 01, Barbara Hand Clow - Alchemy of Nine Dimensions Posted by PM Based on more than ten years of experience with students, and years of research into the new sciences that validate the breakthrough concepts in The Pleiadian Agenda, Barbara Hand Clow presents each dimension in detail. In , a Pleiadian goddess named Satya told her amazing tale of the nine dimensions of human consciousness in The Pleiadian Agenda. She states that she has had "an on-and-off dialogue with beings from the Pleiades" since she was four months old. This exciting sequel takes these teachings to a practical level where we can all discover multi-dimensionality in daily life. Alchemy of Nine Dimensions reveals how the Pleiadians described the nine dimensions sharpens our understanding with scientific and historical explanations offers a startling interpretation of crop circles helps you contact and work with beings in many dimensions, and provides meditations on how to ground these nine dimensions of awareness energetically into our bodies Finally, Clow reveals the true significance of the date December 21, the end of the Mayan calendar-and tells you what you need to know to begin physical and spiritual preparation.


Journeys Through 9D

In this spotlight conversation, discover the year cycle we are closing that started with the birth of modern banking, get a star-based perspective on current events, and find out the special aspect that will occur at the end of December and show how much this year really is the great pivot point. However, at the same time we are being flooded with advanced spiritual knowledge that is moving us into unity with the divine mind! The good news is: the current astrology cycles suggest we will make it. As a result of these extraordinary times, Barbara Hand Clow has created the Revelations trilogy—a series of three novels—to tell the story of our evolutionary critical leap from Her heroic characters access the divine mind and take you, the reader, along with them.



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