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Page 6: Headsets Headsets consist of a headpiece 1 in Figure 2 below and modular base unit 2. The base unit plugs into the Handset jack 3. Page 7: Call-handling Features 1. Press and then release the switchhook again. Page 8 Redial The Redial or Last Number Dialed feature automatically redials the last extension or outside number you dialed.

To redial the last number that you dialed 1. Press Redial The redialed number can be an outside number up to 24 digits , an extension, or a trunk or feature access code. Page 9: Getting Messages Test The Test feature allows you to test the lights on your telephone and the display, if the telephone has one. To test the lights and display on the telephone 1.

While on-hook, press and hold down The lights go on steadily, and, if your telephone has a display, all the display segments fill in. Your system manager can supply those access codes for Feature you.

Page 12 8. Hang up. Record your personal list items on the Abbreviated Dialing list on the appropriate card in the tray under the base of the telephone. To place a call using an AD list button or code 1. Page 13 Your calls will now ring at your own telephone. Call Park The Call Park feature allows you to put a call on hold at your telephone for retrieval at any extension. To park a call at your extension for retrieval at any extension 1.

Page 14 Call Pickup The Call Pickup feature lets you answer a call at your telephone for another extension in your pickup group. Note: You can use this feature only if you and the called party have been assigned to the same pickup group by your system manager. Dial the extension. Message light goes on at the called telephone if so equipped.


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