Thomas College , Trichur — He went on to Lucknow University — to earn postgraduate degrees in literature and law, [1] :6 [3] [ dubious — discuss ] while completing courses in journalism. In the summer of , he visited the eminent sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. Indian independence movement and imprisonment Edit Approaching August , in the midst of a wide-scale attempt by Indian activists to make the British " Quit India ," Balan was one of the students to join in writing and distributing leaflets to stir up national pride. A warrant was issued for his arrest. When word of this reached him, he went undercover spending the next year moving around in the state of Abbottabad , out of range of British officials, and then moved to Delhi.

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Ask a question Back of the Book Swami Chinmayananda made it a priority to inspire the youth of India and give them a clear vision and direction for life. He believed that it was through the youth that national progress could best be achieved. In order to inspire the youngsters of India and show them the possibilities of the higher life, Swami Chinmayananda explained the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita in modem scientific terms.

His contemporary style of teaching, full of humour and examples from our everyday life, brings these sublime teachings within our reach. These teachings are as relevant, fresh and inspiring today as they were in His time. It is important to study the Gita at an early age. These talks were very popular and Gurudev covered the first nine chapters. At that time, for various reasons, these talks were stopped abruptly.

Later, these talks were brought out as a beautiful book called the Art of Man Making. This book became very popular among youngsters and it is an important part of the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra study syllabus. Gurudev did not complete the rest of the chapters due to his tight schedule. Many people have been asking us for the rest of the chapters, and now we have compiled part two of Art of Man Making, covering chapters 10 to I have gone through this book and I congratulate Swami Mitrananda and Mini Mohan for compiling and accomplishing this commendable task.

Such an empowering awareness of oneself instills untold courage, confidence and hope in the individual, helping him to rise above the turbulences of life. It is to that inmate spiritual strength that Gurudev gently awakens us through instructions and impassionate exhortations. The awesome power of his compelling language is reassuring and reaches out with a message of hope, to even the dullest weakling amongst us, as he unravels the secrets of sure success and abiding joy.

A challenge cannot be met if one feels weaker than what is confronted. Often, we are simply overwhelmed by the might and gravity of a situation. This unparalleled manual of life, which contains the quintessence of the Bhagavad-gita, is a masterpiece with excellent techniques to unify God and creation.

It thereby imparts a great purpose to life and bestows man with a grand destiny. In short, it is a ready reckoner for all seekers of Truth, and above all serves as a peerless guide to the youth. While chapters 1 to 9 of the Gita have been completed therein, the text has also covered verses I to 7 of the 1 0th chapter.


Chinmayananda Saraswati



The Art Of Man Making/Talks On The Bhagawad Gita


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