Sajinn OK, so that definitely made me sound like a nit-picky ass. Things are going to change! But the good news is that by getting stronger, your bones will actually grow and allow you to put on more muscle. You can increase the muscle size by doing crunches but they will never be visible until you decrease the amount of fat covering your six pack. Gonzzalez a virtuous cycle that feeds itself and continues to go up!

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No matter if you think your metabolism is too fast. In fact, if you follow what I show you in this video and put it into action like hundreds of guys before you. Hot chicks at the bar will ask to squeeze your biceps While other guys stare with envy. Sad part was, I was actually pretty good.

But the coaches never looked past my bony body and gave me a shot. Fast forward a few years later and my friends had only gotten bigger… Actual photo of me in high-school He said she was my type and that he thinks we would hit it off. He gave me her phone number, and we text messaged each other a little before meeting. A few days later and it was time, I was picking Michelle up for our blind date. This girl was Smoking HOT! Dark brown hair, light skin, big light brown eyes, and she was definitely in great shape.

I decided I would take her to a semi-fancy restaurant in hopes to impress her a little. The Date Went Amazing! I had her laughing the whole night. We flirted, she told me about her family, and we even shared some deep conversation. After dinner, we even hung out in my car outside of her house for an hour just getting to know each other.

Unfortunately, the night had to come to an end. The next day I sent her a text to see how her day was going…. She said you were just too skinny and that she needs more of a man that is going to make her feel safe. Would my small physique keep me from landing a great career one day? Or moving up the corporate ladder? Was I always going to hate the way I looked and felt about myself? That was the day that I decided enough was enough. Things are going to change! I started taking all types of weight gain supplements and hitting the gym 5 — 6 days a week.

I was determined to put on some size and start looking my age. I tried super sets, split routines, negatives…you name it! I even subscribed to muscle magazines and started following the workouts the pros were doing. I was eating everything in sight and pounding down protein shakes like they were water…. I got so desperate that I even hired a personal trainer at the gym I attended who promised me big results. But I refused to spend the rest of my life living with the insecurities of not being respected.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands if I was going to get the results I wanted. I threw myself wholeheartedly into studying biology, nutrition, kinesiology — you name it! But most importantly, I questioned the pros who were hardgainers like me by concentrating on how they overcame their sticking points. After months of research, trial and error, and experimenting with different lifting approaches I finally came across the secret to massive muscle gains for skinny guys.

Here I was 6 months into taking from "experts" and gurus. Sure, I passed the pound mark, but still lightyears away from my goal. But at this point I was desperate for a solution. Because nothing had worked till now. As soon as I uncovered this strange weight lifting method, I was able to pack on 27 pounds of lean mass!

After discovering the Dynamic Volume Training. The DVT Method. I started turning heads everywhere I went, girls wanted to be with me and guys wanted to be like me. Compliments from friends, family, and random women were an everyday thing.

A few of my buddies pulled me aside and begged me to tell them what I was doing. As you can see, I am very passionate about what this transformation did for my life.

I knew I had to share this discovery with the world. One of the reasons we naturally skinny guys have problems putting on muscles is because we were born with tiny bones. But the good news is that by getting stronger, your bones will actually grow and allow you to put on more muscle.

Getting stronger equals bigger bones, which leads to bigger muscles and more strength. Thus, you need to train in the lower rep ranges strategically using "Intelligent Program Design". This training will show you how to get stronger and grow your bones so you can pack on pounds of muscle. However, isolation workouts accompanied by certain compound exercises in a specific order will allow you to maximize fiber recruitment and increase strength and bone density.

Think of your pecs as a house, your triceps as a hut, and the workers as the muscle fibers. Now imagine if you recruited workers to build the house then told 50 of them to build the hut. Both jobs would get done faster! Multi-Joint exercises are like recruiting workers instead of So, the idea here is that the heavier you can lift, the more strain you put on your muscle — the more its forced to grow.

They can only tell how much tension and strain you are putting on under. Look at it like this, out of a 10 rep set, most guys are using their muscle for about seconds. What are these secret exercise techniques that will allow you to double your gains in half the time? Because I know how frustrating it is to train hard and see no results.

Pack on slabs of muscle. Get the girl. And finally have the body of your dreams. And Now You Can Too! I made sure this nutrition calculator was so easy to use a grade-schooler could work it. Most small guys make a HUGE mistake and bulk to the point of getting fat and not actually building muscle… This single tool will help you prevent this from ever happening so you can be massive and ripped.

After a month or two most guys stop making gains. Eventually, they give up on their goals despite coming so close to having the body of their dreams. Your friends and family may accuse you of taking steroids.

Get used to it. These meal plans are completely done-for-you guides developed with my special Bony to Brawny formula that guarantees the perfect macronutrient ratio for guys who want to get swole.

No guesswork. No struggle. Simply follow these meal plans, sit back, and watch the gains pile on. Do you really want to leave even an inch of extra muscle on the table? Hell no. This DVD collection is jam packed with advanced exercises only the pros know. And hold your hand to the finish line.


My Review of “Bony To Brawny”

Altering it is often met with underwhelming results. An outstanding presentation of it can make for a very valuable program. The main ebook and its companion eating guide do go over the important points of building muscle. They seemed to me to stop a little short of successfully answering all the questions that arise regarding those points. Of note, Gonzalez does offer to answer any questions via email.






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