In act I, statues from tombs become animated, in acts II and III it is figures from tapestries, while in act IV the carvings from the choir come alive. All the acts are set on the Wawel Hill, the central site of Polish historical consciousness, which is effectively visited by all the grand Judeo-Christian myths. The main theme of Akropolis is, then, resurrection, considered both as salvation from death, inertia and forgetting, but also a task beholden upon each human being. This was the only response to the ecstatic prayer of those heading to their deaths and praying for salvation. Grotowski, Szajna and Gurawski again, as they did in Kordian , for example, located the audience and actors in one space.

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His father, a sculptor, owned an atelier on Wawel Hill. The Stankiewicz family belonged to the bourgeois intellectual class.

Matejko soon recognized that the boy had artistic talent and gave him his first artistic guidance. The school was unique for several reasons. While studying at the university , he attended lectures in art, history and literature.

His stay in France is regarded as a major point in his artistic life. During his stay in France he got acquainted with Paul Gauguin. He also attended theatre performances based on Shakespeare and classical era plays. It was then he designed and partially made a polychrome for the Franciscan Church that was composed of flowery, geometrical and heraldic motifs. First he designed furniture and scenography for the theatre performances, then he staged various dramas on the stage of the theatre.

Unfortunately, his first published dramas, Legenda Legend , and Daniel i Meleager Daniel and Meleagra , did not receive the acclaim of the critics. It was the Warszawianka Varsovian Anthem that brought instantaneous acclaim to its author. The premiere of the drama marked his debut as a playwright of national dramas. The theatre premiere of the drama on 2 July starred Helena Modrzejewska as Maria. The wedding party was the inspiration for his widely acclaimed play Wesele The Wedding.

Although censorship barred the sale of copies of Wesele The Wedding , the play was staged in the theatre. He was also a member of the city council.

He died of syphilis , which was incurable at the time. Among dramas and poetry, there are views of Cracow drawings, sketch-books, oil-paintings , pastel drawings , portraits and self-portraits , designs of stained glass windows and paintings, illustrations , graphic art , and designs for furniture and interiors, and development of Wawel. He later created a herbarium by drawing plants. However, he most frequently used soft pastel techniques; his first pastel drawings were produced between and


Stanisław Wyspiański



Akropolis, Krakow


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