Setting[ edit ] Ravenloft is primarily a Gothic horror setting. Dungeon Masters are encouraged to use scenes that build apprehension and fear, culminating in the eventual face-to-face meeting with the nameless evil. One exception is the phlogiston of the Spelljammer setting. Their exact nature and number are deliberately kept vague, allowing for plot development in accordance with the Gothic tradition of storytelling — where the heroes are frequently outclassed and outnumbered by unknowable evil forces beyond their control. The Dark Powers most frequently serve as a plot device for Ravenloft, especially concerning the Darklords, the de facto visible rulers of the Ravenloft Demiplane.

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They lurk in the shadows. They linger in your dreams. They strike in the darkness. They are the foul and horrible creatures that dwell in Ravenloft, the Demiplane of Dread, and they are waiting for you. From the dream-stalking bastellus to the body-snatching doppleganger plant, this horrific tome contains a great assortment of creatures that will haunt the nightmares of player characters for years to come.

TSR is proud to present this compilation of diabolical beings from the first two Monstrous Compendium appendices dedicated to the Ravenloft campaign setting. Fist released in and , these collections have been unavailable for some time, but always in demand. No Ravenloft campaign is complete without this book. The time has come to return to your nightmares. These Ravenloft monstrous appendices went out of print when the format changed. Getting these back into print made a lot of sense; there are some stunningly creative monsters contained within, and the Appendix II in particular is a textbook example of how to adapt traditional monsters effectively to give them personality, history, and unique abilities.

Appendix I: Creatures of Dread. For me, the real treasure in this section is the demihuman vampires. Connors did a wonderful job of taking the notion that a vampire is cursed, then translating that curse into other races. The real advantage here is that many of these monsters are tailor-made as sneaky, intelligent boss monsters.

Greater wolfweres, zombie lords, red widows, shadow fiends, greater mummies, ghoul lords, doppelganger plants Appendix II. I like this combination. About the Creators. William W. Connors is a game designer, graphic designer, and author who worked on over 50 products for TSR and Wizards of the Coast. He is currently a freelance designer, writer, and publishing professional based out of Wisconsin. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin.

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