Fue el mayor de siete hermanos. En su calidad de hermano mayor estaba destinado a encargarse de la empresa. El amor a la lectura, a los libros Todos los estudios sobre el mito Gombrich p.

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Warburg , the Mnemosyne Atlas is an unfinished attempt to map the pathways that give art history and cosmography their pathos-laden meanings. Spyros Papapetros offers this guided pathway. Panel C addresses the epistemology and the practice of the creation of symbols. Claudia Wedepohl guides this pathway. Panel 8 is given over to antique cults that centered on solar deities. Elizabeth Sears lights the way.

Panel 45 depicts excessive and alarming occurrences, the dangers of intense and unmediated passions. Panel 47 is concerned with Florentine art of the later fifteenth century, exploring themes of protection and slaughter through the figure of the nymph. Ben Anderson provides this guided pathway. Panel 48 is concerned with the shifting uses of the pagan goddess Fortuna in medieval and Renaissance imagery.

Florian Fuchs provides this guided pathway. Lisa Robertson navigates. Jane O. Newman is our guide, with Laura Hatch. Panel 79 has as its principal theme the Eucharist. Christopher D. Johnson provides this guided pathway. Warburg Institute.


Online BilderAtlas Mnemosyne

Warburg neatly distilled the tripartite forces that animated his life and thought. Warburg was the firstborn son of a prominent Hamburg-Jewish family of bankers. When he was only thirteen years old and already determined to become a scholar, Aby is said to have passed his birthright to his brother Max in exchange for the promise that he would be able to purchase as many books as he needed for his studies. Thus he was also able to visit for the first time many of the works that would dominate his scholarly thinking over the subsequent decades. As Warburg recounts in an autobiographical text written in [B]y the end of my Italian semester. In Warburg married, despite the opposition of both their families, the sculptor Mary Hertz.


Aby Warburg

In the 18th century the Warburgs moved to Altona near Hamburg. Two brothers Warburg founded the banking firm M. Aby Warburg showed an early interest in literature and history and the second eldest son, Max Warburg went into the Hamburg bank, younger brothers Paul and Felix also entered banking. Max Warburg established the Warburg family bank as a "global player". Childhood and youth[ edit ] Max Warburg Warburg grew up in a conservative Jewish home environment. Early on he demonstrated an unstable, unpredictable and volatile temperament.

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