Rx with danazol, OCP, evening primrose oil, tamoxifen? Niacin — this syndrome is called Pellegra What can enhance immune function in critical illness? Double bubble on x-ray. Ristocetin test What are the three possible treatments for vWD?

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Togar Enters chest on right with aorta at T12, crosses to left at T4, then joins left subclavian at junction with IJV. Incr C peptide as with parathyroid hormone, C terminal of hormone is inactive.

NaK 4, Ca 2. Found only in the adrenal medulla Pheochromocytoma: Plue increased free water absorption at the distal tubules and collecting ducts and increases peripheral vascular resistance What is cerebral perfusion pressure?

N-myc What is elevated in neuroblastoma? Observation — most cases stop with nonoperative management For what condition is the risk of overwhelming postsplenectomy kille highest? Rate limiting step in cholesterol formation in liver, steroid precursor: Ventricular septal defect Which hormones are involved in paraneoplastic syndromes of: Prone to pancreatitis, possible obstruction.

Medullary thyroid cancer Patient with family history of MEN who has ret proto-oncogene should have total thyroidectomy What is a side effect of vincristine and cisplatin? Valveless vertebral veins that connect to internal vertebral venous plexus They allow direct mets to the spine. Every Year Hyperacute rejection due to pre-formed antibodies avoid by not transplanting when crossmatch is positive Acute rejection due to foreign MHC antigens of graft cells.

Ib receptor deficiency of platelets. C3a, C5a Which complements make up the membrane attack complex? Retinoids can reverse leukoplakia and reduce chance of 2nd head and neck malignancy Head and Neck SCCa: Describe the anatomical relationship of the Portal triad Portal vein posterior to CBD on R and hepatic artery on L What is the 1 cause of benign biliary stricture? Bromocriptine or transphenoidal resection What is the pathophysiology of hidradenitis?

If open or depressed What are the effects of L3-L4 disc herniation? Type I What is the principal collagen in a healing wound? PT is best single test to evaluate synthetic function of the liver. Which types need open procedures? Contract from center of wound.

Pleomorphic adenoma 1 overallWarthin tumor What is the treatment for a benign salivary gland tumor? Inhibits prostaglandin synthesis, causing decreased mucus and bicarb secretion and increased acid production. A neuroendocrine tumor with staining for neuron specific enolase and neurofilament protein.

Never trans-scrotal What stage seminomas get RT? Which antibiotics are bacteriocidal, pluw irreversible binding to 30S ribosome subunit, and resistance due to decreased active transport?

To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key. Acute cervical spinal cord injury characterized by bilateral loss of upper extremity motor, pain, and temperature; legs relatively spared. What is the cause of respiratory distress at birth, and massive hyperinflation of a single lobe of the lung?

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Vigrel Aminoglycosides gentamicin, neomycin, tobramycin What is the only depolarizing neuromuscular blocker used? Aminocaproic acid Amikar — inhibits fibrinolysis What are the effects of prostacyclin? What stimulates its production? Inhibits prostaglandin synthesis, causing decreased mucus and bicarb secretion and increased acid production What are the types of wounds and their respective wound infection rates? Orchiopexy incr fertility but does not decr CA risk. Glutamine What causes a decrease in glutamine in the blood stream during stress? C What cells are responsible for immunosurveillance against CA?



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