The man survived for a few hours before he succumbed to his injuries. She did not succeed in discovering his name, but she did discover in his briefcase a page-typed memoir. She began reading the papers partly to find some information to identify him and partly out of curiosity. The memoir claimed that he was an undercover agent of the Soviet Union ordered to infiltrate the Catholic Church by becoming a priest and to put forth modernist ideas through a teaching position that would undermine the main teachings of the Church during the Second Vatican Council in subtle ways, by turn of phrase methods. The document gave details and even told of a murder of a priest he had committed in order to get his way. It was printed in France in May and eventually was translated into several other languages.

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Shelves: physically-owned , history , political like the title suggests, this book is a non-fiction dramatic retelling of the life of an anti-priest. The Man with No Name, "a Communist attached to the secret service section of militant atheism", who before dying in an automobile accident left a curious nurse a typewritten account of his lifes work: the destruction of the Catholic Church from within. In conclusion, I have to admit that reading this was an engaging experience on multiple levels.

It was witnessing a type of the Anti-Christ embodied by this poor soul with no name, with all his charm, intelligence, and ambition twisted into secret perversity. We always imagine as Catholics the devil as some spoopy and obvious red imp in a cape, and rarely suspect an active and willing human actor in lockstep with the diabolical will.

Keep in mind, this book is titled AA in reference to the agents codename identifying him as the th anti-priest in commission. As alarming and enlightening it is to realize the scope of the battle on the side of the enemy, in the same book I witnessed a strong and beautiful faith in both the calm and graceful response of the true clergy, as well as especially the counter-response by "Raven-hair", whos love was revealed in all its beauty in Chapter The publisher too, the nurse who first revealed this unbelievable testimony, has her own moment of tempered roasting against the pitiful rebellion of the enemies of God.

With all this given to me, and already within me my love for the Church that God so graciously welcomed me into as a repentant son, I feel a sorrow in my heart for the damage done by the suffering enemies of God. The Mystery of the Passion of Our Lord is renewed in our era, and even in the face of such contradiction the joy of the Christian combat is renewed. Like any other good story of God, it is a story of love and war.

I guess to end this psuedo-review on this early morning of Good Friday, text from Chapter "Do you know that hatred is often the cry of a deceived love? As for me, I am sure that God loves you with a special love and that He is waiting for you with His customary patience. And since, at the present time, you do not want to pray to this God of Good- ness, I am taking your place, and it is in your name that a thousand times a day I offer to the All- powerful Lord the merits of His Son, those of the very holy Virgin Mary, of all the Saints known and unknown I offer them with joy and confidence all day long and even during my sleep.

No, my prayers are heard and transmitted by the immense assembly of those who have already reached Heaven. The immortality of the soul. Every house should have these words engraved in golden letters on the walls of the sitting room. Instead of fearing death or of simply hating its notion, it should be known that death does not exist, and this is some- thing infinitely more serious.

For I love you.


AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle



AA-1025 The Memoirs Of An Anti-Apostle



Marie Carré


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